Monday, May 16, 2011

10 updates

1. I signed up for a short triathlon
2. I am super excited for Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight. (Feel free to judge me. I do.)
3. Savannah says all the time now, "I am in charge of myself." Which means she does all the things she needs to for a task, like going to bed, getting ready for a trip, etc. I LOVE THIS.
4. Caro has major beiber fever.
5. We are starting construction on updating the look of our 50's style Ranch house in June.
6. Mike got a gun. He is excited about this. We also have a safe and so far no ammo in the house.
7. Collin got his head shaved by his dad. I'm not real happy about it.
8. The dogs I rescued are actually NOT potty trained as advertised but I still love them. They are very much trying my patience.
9. Mike is turning 35 on wednesday. He is very dismissive and wary about it.
10. Did I mention I am having a hard time carving time out to train for that short Triathlon? I might crawl through the finish line.

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Blog

I have been thinking lately about how little hopeful information was out there when Savannah was diagnosed with Infantile spasms. I decided to record Savannah's story in hopes that other families with Epilepsy can get another idea of what can happen after this super scary diagnosis. I also think it will be good for me. I often refrain from talking about the most pressing things on my mind because often this would be a blog about one child and I felt that wasn't fair. So this one is where you go if you want to hear me talk about my sweet, precious, hyperactive child who happens to "have the shakes" as she says.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Deep Thoughts

The miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that if practiced well, no one ever has to be alone in their time of need.
A quote from todays YW lesson "Never suppress a generous thought." From a talk by Sister Hinckley.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well Hello Monday

Most people hate Monday but I can say that me and Monday are good. I didn't like it when it meant the beginning of school but now that I am a mother of 3 I love it. I love the weekends with no homework and events and relaxed family time but oh... the magic of being up at 6:50 and out the door at 7:30 with my brood is magical. After we drop Savannah who is ecstatic to see her friends at school and her teachers by Monday we head straight to Del Norte so I can run off the hedonism I have surely indulged over the weekend. Monday is the day I am most likely to cook, clean, excercise, organize, get my to do list done, etc. I never do all that but I get much more done on Mondays. So here's to you Monday. I ran 8 miles this morning, grocery shopped and settled Caro and Collin in the play room with toys and The Lion King. Next I'm going to waste time on the internet while I eat my lunch and put on my Ipod with a brand new Audiobook and try to straighten up this pig sty.

The Pics are at request of Mimi who wanted to see Haircuts we got this weekend. We are headed to Supercuts again today to tweak Savannah and Caro's bangs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have some old scarves of my Granny's and tonight as I was "moving in" to a secretary desk I had refurbished I pulled them out. I looked at them honestly wishing I knew how in the world to wear a scarf like that. As I looked I wondered if I could still smell my Granny's scent on them. Do you know how everyone has a scent? Nothing bad, not a perfume, just a distinct scent? Guess what. I couldn't smell exactly her but I distinctly smell her dresser drawer, the scent of sitting at her vanity with her lipstick and her clip on earrings wearing one of her many many slips as an evening gown. I miss her so much and I sat there and cried at her memory. It has been years since she passed but for some reason the last six months I have thought of her very often. A few weeks ago I sat trying to teach Savannah how to read hymns and pointing the words out as Granny did for me in church when we were lucky enough to have her with us at church. Savannah started singing "I believe in Christ" with a very clear child like voice and again... melting in to tears. She was an unbelievable Christian and the kind of Granny everyone needs. The kind that sits you on her lap, lets you wear her lipstick, always has Certs in her purse, picks you up and babysits you, takes you to buy school shoes, and makes amazing fried chicken. Towards the end she was more frail and suffering with alzheimers and I just wish so much that I had stopped and loved her more as a teenager. I am grateful for the knowledge of eternal families and that I will see her again and make up for lost time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So this is the New Year

10 points if you got that the title post is the first line in a great song by Death Cab for Cutie.
So I usually make grand resolutions. Not so much this year. I have been reading in all of blog land about people picking a word or theme for the new year. No offense but my very first inclination was to roll my eyes but then I thought that it wasn't a bad idea.
So I didn't pick a word or theme but I did pick a song. I have been hearing this on the radio a ton due to the Expedition rejecting my Ipod adapter (which really makes me mad at the big blue hulk). Every time I heard it I thought "this is exactly what I need right now!" So guess what. It's my theme. I hope to rock a club or two but mostly just Celebrate and live my life.

But I do not condone scantily clad women working in a chop shop and certainly not welding with very little in the way of protective clothing!

So as for the fam. We get a theme too. Somewhere along the line my girls started thinking they are the most important people in the world. I'm not a big fan of the whole diva/princess mentality so this is my effort to nip it. We had an FHE about who the Coaches are and how a team has no ONE person more important than the rest. I even have a yellow card/red card system. Sweet. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christ the Savior is Born

Today has been nice. The girls are playing away with the dolls they have. I have to say if there is an advantage to having a "special needs" or "delayed development" child it is that I keep a little girl for a nice while. She and Carolina are playing house and barbies and baby dolls for hours already today. I dread the day when she is too cool to play those things. Collin is tucked in asleep with now a 3rd blanket to add to his must sleep with list. He got a Buzz Lightyear blanket from Anna and a Woody from Santa. That has kept him occupied since 8 a.m. I have a wreck of a house and a nap under my belt which suits me just fine.
I want to pause on this blog of mine and say to whomever still looks at it and thus cares what I have to say that I believe in Christ. His birth to me means the beginning of an example, the beginning of my redemption, my saving. He is the only means by which I have found happiness here and has proved so necessary in my imperfect and messy life. I am grateful for Him and that through him I gain forgiveness. He is my Redeemer and King. I will leave you with a line from my favorite hymn that states
"I believe in Christ, so come what may."
I don't always feel brave and up to life's challenges but that helps me quite a bit.